12 Days Before Christmas

by Kim Tewalt on November 20, 2012 at 6:31 am

The holiday season is approaching fast, and so are your chances of winning $1,500.

The Rotary Clubs’ of Zanesville are sponsoring the 12 Days Before Christmas, where community members have an opportunity to buy tickets from Rotarians to win prizes, starting December 6th.

"Each day the number of prizes goes down by one, but typically the value of the prizes go up." explained 12 Days Before Christmas chairman Ken Johnson. "So, for example, on the third to last day three lucky winners are going to win an I-Pad."

The tickets have a total of over $17,000 in prizes you could win. Money raised from the tickets will help support Rotary’s annual Phoenix Award and annual Christmas party for special needs children.

"You’re helping us, the Rotary Clubs’ here in Zanesville, to do the things that we do for the community." Johnson said. "All the money that’s raised stays here locally and we’re just trying to make Zanesville a better place to live for everyone."

Ten dollars buys three tickets, which can be purchased from any Rotarian or by contacting the Rotary Clubs’ of Zanesville. The last drawing will take place on December 24th.