A Small Town Christmas

by Erika Brooks on November 25, 2012 at 8:27 am

Somerset is bringing the holiday cheer as they jump-start the Christmas season.

Sunday was the village’s third annual "A Small Town Christmas" holiday celebration. The Somerset Square showed all the signs of the arrival of the holiday season. Vendors began the celebration by featuring arts and crafts as well as many different Christmas goodies to choose from.

"We have 35 vendors with us this morning and afternoon, throughout the day and it’s anything from candles, to jewelry to wreathes to kettle corn to homemade candies and cookies and then we’ll have a parade later on," said planning committee member Cindy Shuster.

The parade showcased a horse and surrey, with rides available all day. This is perfect way to ring in the holiday season but there’s also another important feature to the celebration.

"To provide an opportunity for individuals to come out and kick off the holiday celebration but more importantly to raise money for the Somerset Children’s Christmas fund, to provide gifts as well as food for the less fortunate as well as for the Perry County Children’s Christmas fund which covers the entire county as well."

The Christmas celebration ended with a special tree lighting ceremony.