“Bags and Boots Gala”

by Kim Tewalt on November 4, 2012 at 6:28 am

 A fundraiser was held Saturday afternoon to help Operation Spirit support the troops. The "Bags and Boots Gala" fundraiser featured th items in a whole new way. Handbags and purses were transformed into gift bags filled with knick-knacks and incentives, while boots were mostly stuffed with floral arrangements. The goal was to turn ordinary into extraordinary, by taking everyday items and adding flair to make them one of a kind.

"A lot of the stuff were things that people donated to the resale store, and the last eight or nine months we just klnd of set stuff back and set stuff back and [thought] "Oh, that would be cute with this" or "that would look raelly awesome in that"" explained Operation Spirit Director Melodie Pittman.

While the items auctioned off were unique and fun to look at, the cause behind them is what makes them truly original. The money raised from the items will help send Christmas care packages to soldiers. 

"It’s important because a lot of the troops don’t have anybody at home to support them, and that’s where we come in." explained Pittman. "We get to send home, we get to help them, and maybe the people at home can’t really afford to help support them. So we do that, we bring Christmas. I always say we send Christmas wherever it needs to go."

Those who purchased dinner tickets in advance were also treated to a salad and dessert buffet.