Carr Center Searching For Vehicle Donations

by Kim Tewalt on November 19, 2012 at 6:30 am

The Carr Center is in immediate need of transportation for their Adult Day Care Center.

The center provides social, therapeutic and recreational activities for adults with or without disabilities, in a well supervised environment. In the past the Carr Center has utilized Z-Bus for transportation to the Adult Day Care Center, but starting in January 2013 that option will no longer be affordable.

"The rates are at what they call per loaded mile, so they start when the passenger gets on the bus. They have been $1.75 per loaded mile, and they are going to go up to $3.49, so that’s one penny short of being twice as much." explained executive director John Hajjar. "We understand that Z-Bus has to do that to be operationally sound, but we just can not afford it."

In order to provide the best service possible, the Carr Center would like to find their own vehicle sometime this month or next. To do that they are turning to the community in hopes of finding transportation that will meet their needs. They are currently looking to accept large donations, such as vehicles, mobile homes, planes, or other unused valuable items, to sell in order to raise the money.

"Any substantially large vehicle that they are not using anymore, they can donate it to the Carr Center, we will give them a receipt for the full value that’s allowable by law, so they can save money on taxes." explained Hajjar. "We get the vehicle or the item, people could donate a building if they want to. We will sell those items that are donated, and with those proceeds we will purchase a suitable vehicle."

The Carr Center is also looking for a donation of a handicap or wheelchair accessible vehicle that will hold at least two people. If you would like to contribute a vehicle or donate an item to be sold, you can contact the Carr Center at 740-453-5417.