Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree

by Erika Brooks on November 30, 2012 at 6:41 am

Picking the right Christmas tree isn’t always easy… Timber Run Gardens wants to help you choose the perfect one for your holidays.

If you are looking to put a real tree in your home this Christmas there are some things to keep in mind before heading out to make the purchase. Homeowners should first be aware of the type they want to put up, a cut tree or one that can be replanted after the Holidays are over.

"Now that’s what we would consider a live tree. Which is something that would be either potted or in a balled and burlap form and those take a little more work because you want to get those inside and keep them moist during the process through the Christmas season," said Kevin Gaskill, Timber Run Gardens Sales and Design Associate.

Choosing the more popular cut version doesn’t require as much care but they still take work to keep them around through Christmas. Before heading to the farm for your tree, make sure your home is ready.

"One of the biggest ones is how big of a tree can you get in your house. Just kind of get an idea whether your ceilings are 8 foot, 9 foot or larger and just make sure you get something that will be worked in there to be to fill the spot nicely without being overbearing," said Gaskill.

Timber Run has all types of trees for whatever a household is looking for, cut trees start at thirty-two dollars. They are open seven days a week.