Commissioners Finalize Investment Policy

by Erika Brooks on November 8, 2012 at 6:27 am

Commissioners met with the County Treasurer to update their current investment policy.

On Thursday, the treasurer and commissioners finalized their investment committee policy. The meeting took place to make sure the update policy will function well and that the policy committee continues to have the authority that they need to continue to invest for the county. Once the policy is approved the investment committee can move forward with county investments. 

"The draft will be sent to me and I will review it and I will send it off to the Prosecuting Attorney’s office to have them review it to make sure it is correct," said County Treasurer Carol Friel.

The policy states that the investment committee must meet quarterly but recently it has been beneficial that they meet monthly.

"Especially with the money situation, we have to make sure that we are earning good interest on our investments so that the general fund is supplied so that we can take care of everything," said Friel.

The updated policy will be finalized and put into effect by next month before the next meeting of the investment committee.