Coshocton City School Levy Passes

by Kim Tewalt on November 7, 2012 at 12:53 pm

Election results for Coshocton county are in. The 1.12mill capital improvements levy for Coshocton City school district passed with 2814 votes for, and 1747 votes against. Also passing in Coshocton County  was the 3mill operation and maintenance for emergency medical services.

In the Coshocton county candidate races, Janet Mosier defeated Nina Richards for Clerk of Courts 10,217 to 4648. Susan Turner is the Coshocton county recorder after defeating Dave Thurson 10,082 to 4532. Janette Donaker pulled in 10,441 votes for county treasurer in Coshocton county, defeating Thomas Jones, who received 4512 votes. For Coshocton county auditor, Christine Sycks received 8755, while Bob Pell received 5970, and Van Blanchard received 8413 votes, beating William Drown, who received 6029 votes for the Common Pleas Judge, probate division.