Deer Gun Season Begins Monday

by Erika Brooks on November 25, 2012 at 8:35 am

Deer-gun season kicks off Monday and already shops are seeing non-stop traffic before the first shots are even fired.

Dillon Falls Store is especially busy this time of year. Hunters like the store because not only can they get their hunting license and deer tags, they can also purchase ammunition and check in their deer. It has always been a favorite spot for area hunters to get their gear but thanks to Ohio’s big buck reputation, a lot of out of state hunters come through their doors

"Every year we have a regular crew of about 17 different states that come here to hunt, we get to see them for last eight years, the same people have been coming to hunt here," said owner Kathy McCann.

This weekend the shop will serve many hunters preparing for the season but it doesn’t compare to what they expect on opening day.
"We’re counting on a lot of guys to get their deer tomorrow. A lot of them are going to be out. A lot is based on the weather too. Hopefully we won’t see rain, we’ll see snow, that helps them so we’ll see," said McCann.

Ohio is seeing larger harvest numbers than last year. According to the ODNR, Muskingum County has harvested nearly 24 percent more deer this year than last year than in 2011. Gun season will run through December 2nd. The season also will include an extra weekend of hunting December 15th and 16th.