Don’t Text and Drive Campaign

by Erika Brooks on November 8, 2012 at 6:26 am

AAA, AT&T and the Ohio State Highway Patrol have joined forces to teach about texting and driving.

Ohio is the first state to ban teen’s use of electronic devices while driving and Thursday at Buckeye Trail High School an assembly was held to educate students on the new law and the dangers of texting and driving. Students heard from a state trooper, AT&T and AAA. There was also a presentation from a distracted driving victim.

"Sharon Montgomery who lost her husband to a driver who was talking on the phone while driving in the year 2000 she just came and spoke to students during the assembly and just kind of explained to the students the impact your actions have on others," said AAA Spokeswoman, Kimberly Schwind.

After the assembly, students were encouraged to take a pledge by committing to abide by Ohio’s new law.

"We had almost 200 of the students at this school take the pledge to not text and drive, they all got a wristband, they got a sticker that says no text on board from AT&T and they also got some keychains and pens so really we’re trying to reach out to them and educate them," said Schwind.

The "don’t text and drive" campaign will continue to travel all across Ohio spreading their message.