Fieldhouse Adds to Their Fitness Center

by Erika Brooks on November 9, 2012 at 6:30 am

The Fieldhouse Fitness Center will be expanding their facilities to include those with special needs.

The recent addition includes a four-thousand square foot, 24-hour gym for able bodied athletes. The new facility includes a unique aspect.

"It’s all handicap accessible. We’re real excited about that because of the things that’s happening with the Fieldhouse foundation but right now it’s the largest free weight center in Southeastern Ohio," said Field House owner, Mick Amicone.

All of the equipment is low-profile or wheel-up accessible. They aren’t done adding to their facility either. They have plans to designate a portion of the building to a special needs and disabled fitness center, thanks to national sponsors-Wendy’s, AutoZone, subway and Wal-Mart as well as a regional sponsor.

"We’ve got some people building us equipment for us and that is Porter’s Welding here in town is working with Wal-Mart on some equipment for handicapped, special needs and disabled children," said Amicone.

The entire special needs facility will be open to the public on January 2nd.