Frazeysburg Fire In Need of GPS System

by Erika Brooks on November 8, 2012 at 6:26 am

Every second counts when responding to an emergency and the Frazeysburg Fire Department is hoping new GPS equipment for its trucks will help.

The village fire department currently does not have software to help them when they are dispatched on emergencies. They rely on a fax from the sheriff’s office. The problem with that is occassionally a fax does not come through in time. The department met with county commissioners to try and secure funding for a new system.

"The GIS system and what that does is gives us a street view of the house. we can click on the house, it’ll show us the floorplan it’ll show us if there’s any special needs individual in the home. Anything that we feed it," said Frazeysburg Fire Chief Chief David Smith.

The department needs the system in four of their vehicles. It would cost close to $10,000 to initially install .

"Budget wise we"ll put the annual maintenance costs. We have the funding to be able to do that. The air cards, the internet cards those are going to be the big cost but that shouldn’t be an issue with our current funding."

The commissioners said they would consider funding half of the initial cost. Currently Dresden Fire Department and Falls Township Fire Department are using the GIS system.