Giving the Gift of Warmth

by Kim Tewalt on November 21, 2012 at 6:32 am

The gift of warmth has been given to those in need in Zanesville.

The Brighton Knitters, who wish to remain anonymous, left hand-knitted scarves in a few locations around town which are free to anyone in need.

"It’s so encouraging for us because we of course see needs and sometimes feel like they aren’t met." said United Way executive director Meg Deedrick. "When somebody comes forward and especially because they wish to remain anonymous, I’m sure uplifts the people who are taking the scarves and it uplifts us too."

Attached to each scarf was a note to help lift the spirits of those who need it most.

"When you look at some economic conditions it can seem like we’re not going to get ahead, but when you see something like this, it really turn the tide, and you realize how fortunate we are to have each other and to live in a caring community like this." said Deedrick.

The scarves are going fast, but you may still be able to find some tied around signs along Putnam avenue at the Salvation Army and United Way, in front of the John McIntire Library, and on the statue at the Abbott Home.