Honey Bees Making A Comeback

by Erika Brooks on November 15, 2012 at 6:53 am

County bee inspector, jack head met with commissioners to discuss his last year inspecting hives. Head traveled nearly 800 miles inspecting 200 hives around the county. His inspections include looking for diseases that could devastate a hive and wipe out the honey bees.  

"Unless they have a problem, and then they call me and then I’ll go out and check it just depends, but normally my job is to go out and inspect them once a year and during that inspection I can determine whether they have any diseases, parasites and stuff of that nature," said Head.

The bee population took a hit a few years ago and their numbers dropped significantly. But just recently bees have started making their return.

"They’re on a comeback and we’re getting more and more new people and into the bee business is great. They are definitely on the comeback," said Head.

Those interested in bee keeping or have concerns about a bee swarm can contact head through e-mail or by telephone for emergencies.

ohiobeemanjack@gmail.com (740) 819-2443