Local Economy Gets Boost from Deer Season

by Jennifer Bullock on November 27, 2012 at 6:26 am

Hunting is known as a popular pastime in our area, but it’s also a boost for the local economy…

As deer season gets underway this week, hunters are flocking to southeastern Ohio where the game population is rich… Meaning an increase in sales for local businesses.

"We encourage our hunters to come here to Muskingum County, absolutely. It is a huge economic impact on Muskingum County. Our hotels, our cabins, campgrounds, etc., they do fill with hunters," said Chamber of Commerce Vice President Kelly Ashby.

Ashby said the cabins at Dillon Lake are booked to the max this time of year, and local restaurants are always full. But it’s not just businesses that stay busy during the season.

"Quite a few churches and other non-profits that will host breakfast, and lunch, and dinners, specifically for the hunters because they know that they come here, in mass… And so they are prepared and want to welcome them and offer them food and meal and comforts, while they’re here in Muskingum County hunting."

The Welcome Center’s Visitor’s Guide has a list of recreational locations and area businesses hunters may be interested. For more information, visit Zanesville.com or call (800) 743-3202.