Local Players Earn All District Honors

Local Players Earn All District Honors

by JT Raymond on November 13, 2012

High School Football:

All East District Football Teams:

Division II

First Team:


Quarterbacks- Nathan Strock, (Tri-Valley), Thomas Wibbeler,(Zanesville), Caleb Beans (New Philadelphia)

Running Backs- Jamal Johnson (New Philadelphia)

Wide Receivers- Hunter Joseph (New Philadelphia) Trevor Krouskoupf (Tri-Valley) J.T. McFarland (Zanesville) Matty Lynn (Zanesville)

Linemen – Hunter May (New Philadelphia) Collin Prouty (Tri-Valley) Will Weir (Zanesville) Gray Moody (New Philadelphia) Sam Shook (New Philadelphia) Austin Kimble (Zanesville)

Kicker – Kris Michael (Tri-Valley)


Linemen – Kyle Huth (New Philadelphia) Jeff Virden (New Philadelphia) Tyler Edwards-Frick (Tri-Valley) Daniel Sensabaugh (Tri-Valley) David Johnson (Zanesville)

Linebackers – Austin Jones (Tri-Valley) Justin Ward (New Philadelphia) Dakota Hill (New Philadelphia) Seth Brock (Tri-Valley) Tristan Rock (Zanesville) K.J. Grimmett (Zanesville)

Backs – Jamal Gladden (Zanesville) Dar Stanford (Zanesville) Jesse Kandel (New Philadelphia) Logan Keib (New Philadelphia)

Offensive players of the year: Jamal Johnson (New Philadelphia) Nathan Strock (Tri-Valley)

Defensive player of the year: Austin Jones (Tri-Valley)

Coach of the year: Justin Buttermore (Tri-Valley)


Division III:

First Team:


Quarterbacks – Mason Mamarella (Dover)

Running Backs – Layne Perone (West Holmes) Dillon Sunnafrank (Cambridge) Jordan Hayes (Maysville) Blake Atkins (John Glenn)

Wide Receivers- Cory Contini (Dover) Trey Wallick (Dover) Tyler Peterson (Claymont) Ivan Gadson (Cambridge) Brock Macaulay (West Holmes)

Linemen – Brandon Brown (Cambridge) Joe Kelly (Maysville) Mason Casto (Dover) Tyler Singleton (West Holmes)

Kicker – Eric Fox (Cambridge)


Linemen – Demetrius Farmer (Dover) Gabe Snyder (West Holmes) Brandon Bush (Maysville) Ayden Howell (Cambridge) Chase
Hambel (Philo)

Linebackers – Keaton Leppla (West Holmes) Trevor Hardesty (Cambridge) Aaron Sergent (Dover) Dylan Evans (Maysville) Jordan Halasi (John Glenn)

Backs – Josh Short (Dover) JD Demkowicz (Cambridge) Josh Knight (River View) Brady Arnold (West Holmes)

Punter – Nathan Delozier (Philo)

Offensive player of the year: Mason Mamarella (Dover)

Defensive player of the year: Demetrius Farmer (Dover)

Coach of the year: Craig Clarke (Maysville)

Division IV:

 First Team:


Running Backs – Christian Kirkman (Meadowbrook)


Linemen -Troy Blair (Meadowbrook)

Linebackers – Tanner Cognion (Coshocton)

Second Team:

Running Backs -Saquore Harris (Coshocton) Clay Lapp (Meadowbrook)

Wide Receiver – Cody Johnston (Meadowbrook)

Linemen – Justice May (Meadowbrook)


Linemen: Cody Tarman (Coshocton)

Linebackers – Caleb Fehrman (Meadowbrook)

Division V:

First Team:


Quarterbacks -Chandler Lang (Fort Frye)

Running Backs – Spencer Lang (Fort Frye) Garrett Bethel (Ridgewood)

Wide Receivers – Tyser Shilling (Fort Frye) CJ Beaver (Buckeye Trail)

Linemen – Ian Wildes (Buckeye Trail) Chris Davidson (Ridgewood)


Linebackers – Tyler Nealey (Buckeye Trail)

Backs – Dillion McPhearson (Ridgewood)

Second Team:

Quarterbacks – Morgan Dougherty (Buckeye Trail)

Running Backs – Max Alsbach (Fort Frye)

Wide Receiver – Justin Massey (Fort Frye)

Linemen – Dylan Bowman (Fort Frye) Cory Cutlip (Buckeye Trail) Drew Layton (Fort Frye)


Linemen – Luke Yates (Fort Frye) Codey Kimble (Buckeye Trail) C.J. Grove (Ridgewood)

Linebackers -Jeremy Shamel (Ridgewood)

Backs – Danny Neuhart, Sarahsville Shenandoah

Division VI:

Division VI All East District:

First Team:


Running Back- Luke Lloyd (Rosecrans)

Linemen – Brian Magorien (Caldwell) David Cline (Rosecrans)


Linemen: Tyler Swackhammer (Rosecrans)

Linebackers – Kale Rayner (Caldwell) Chase Lanning (Rosecrans)

Backs – Cameron Roberts (Rosecrans)

Second Team:


Quarterbacks – Adrick Cronin (Rosecrans)

Running Backs – Caleb Van Meter (Caldwell)


Backs- Ben Baldwin (Rosecrans)

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