Prevent Holiday Fires

by Katie McGraw on November 27, 2012 at 6:37 am

As we begin to decorate for the holiday season, Zanesville firefighters want you to remember safety precautions to prevent house fires.

When you are decorating the outside of the home, be sure you are using lights specifically for the outdoors. Locally, firefighters say it’s important to look at how the lights are marked.

ZFD’s Jordan Irwin said "They should be labeled from a nationally recognized testing laboratory, like underwriters laboratories. The lights will have a sticker that says ‘UL’ on it."

Irwin also said to pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure lights are grounded and limited from 2-3 strands per plug. The national institute of science and technology says that 44 percent of Christmas tree fires begin with electrical problems.

"Look at the cords the lights are on, look for broken wires or frayed wires. Check light bulbs make sure they won’t short", Irwin said.

There are even more dangers inside of the home, especially with live trees. Make sure your tree has plenty of water and is kept away from a heat source, including candles. Irwin said to keep candles far from your tree and high up, so they will not be knocked over by children or pets.