Promoting Workplace Wellness

by Kim Tewalt on November 13, 2012 at 6:34 am

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation is traveling the state to hear concerns from their customers and find solutions. Tuesday’s stop was at the Welcome Center in Zanesville. From safety programming to good healthcare, prevention was one of the main topics of the forum.

"We have a Wellness Grant Program, where we are giving grants to employers who want to invest in their employees health, because that makes a lot of difference." said Stephen Buehrer, Administrator/CEO for the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

Buehrer says research has shown that those who are injured at work and absent for more than thirty days are much less likely to return to work, which makes prevention very essential. For the times when prevention is inevitable, quick and simple recovery is an absolute necessity.

"Our return to work initiatives are really focused around how to do that, and it takes work from everybody." he explained. "The injured worker has to be interested in his recovery, the employer has to be interested, the provider has to be connected and much of our internal reform is focused around bringing those groups together."

Buehrer says governor Kasich’s ultimate goal is to turn all agencies, including the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, into a positive tool of economic growth for the state. Around forty people attended the meeting.