“Road to the Isles”

by Kim Tewalt on November 5, 2012 at 12:18 pm

Sounds of fiddles and bagpipes filled Secrest Auditorium in Zanesville Sunday afternoon.

The Zanesville Concert Association presented "Road to the Isles", which featured music from Ireland and Scotland. Irish step-dancing and Scottish and Highland dancing were just some of the performances the audience enjoyed.

"Seventy-four years Zanesville has been hosting world musicians." said Zanesville Concert Association’s Jim McLaughlin. "They come to Zanesville, sometimes their first event in the United States is in Zanesville, we book that far in advance. But this group will bring them to the British Isles and to the heritage of many, maybe their own family. Music from their heritage."

The concert will be presented again Monday, November 5th, for area fourth graders to learn from.

"They’re our next audience, so we’re developing our next audience, but also to take away the real joy and pleasure it is to perform for folks." explained McLaughlin. "The artists will work with them, talk to them, and maybe even allow some of them up on the stage with them to see their instruments."

McLaughlin anticipates that Monday’s group will also enjoy the very physical dancing incorporated in the ensemble.