Salvation Army Hosts Thanksgiving

by Kim Tewalt on November 21, 2012 at 6:33 am

Thanksgiving came a day early for those who attended the Salvation Army’s dinner Wednesday afternoon.

Anywhere from six to eight-hundred people were expected to turn out for the traditional Thanksgiving meal, a community gathering which has occurred for about twenty years. The idea is to bring the community together by offering not only a meal, but a sense of family.

"A lot of our people are going through some very difficult times and I think this gives them an hour or two away from it, because then you’re not thinking about it because you’re busy talking and laughing and sharing with others." said the Captain Diane Campbell of the Salvation Army. "I think it kind of is a good escape."

Volunteers came out to lend a helping hand in the process, which is a crucial part of keeping the Salvation Army going.

"They give up their day, they give up their time and they come and they cook, they prepare, they serve and so those are the arms and feet of the Army." Campbell said.

Campbell would also like to thank the community, who donated the food that made the Thanksgiving meal possible.