The Impact of the Community Foundation

by Kim Tewalt on November 12, 2012 at 6:43 am

Next week is Community Foundation week, and many people aren’t aware how big of an impact community foundations have across the nation.

More than seven-hundred community foundations in the United States accounted for $4.2 billion in donations this past year.

"This is a successful community effort that provides money to charitable causes in the community and it involves local donors who have a philanthropic interest." said Muskingum County Community Foundation Executive Director Dave Mitzel.

Mitzel says without the Community Foundation, key funding for many projects would be lost.

"We wouldn’t have things such as Scholarship Central, which has helped hundreds of students over the last few years get scholarships to obtain college degrees." he said.

Mitzel says donors can donate funds for current projects, or establish funds that would give back to the community forever. Last year the Muskingum County Community Foundation received $3 million in gifts.