2012 Most Borrowed Books

by Erika Brooks on December 28, 2012 at 6:41 am

The Muskingum County Library system has compiled a list of the top ten most borrowed titles during 2012.

The list includes the most borrowed titles in adult fiction and non-fiction, children’s fiction and non-fiction as well as the most borrowed young adult titles. The library created this list as a way to track their most popular items and in turn it also helps the library.

"You see opportunities when you look at what are people borrowing what would be read-a-likes, how can we have adequate numbers of copies for some of those most popular, we need numerous copies as opposed to one or two, so it really does inform and give us evidence based decision making skills," said Associate Director Blair Tom.

Creating the list also helps the library evaluate some of its newly added materials, such as e-readers.

"That is another part of the collection that we really need to balance and what we have done is we can see what titles are being downloaded so we just at the end of the year made and additional purchase of those titles," said Tom.

The complete list is available at all the area public libraries.