Christmas In Zanesville Art Contest

by Erika Brooks on December 13, 2012 at 6:50 am

An annual city-wide grade school art contest names its winners.

Seven children grades first through sixth won prizes during this year’s Christmas in Zanesville art contest. All the employees in city hall voted on their favorite and the Mayor picked the final winners.

"We send out invitations to all of the schools in the city and the county and we get over two, three hundred pieces of art we hang them the whole month of December and from those we pick the winners," said Amy Kirkbride of the Mayor’s Office.

The theme for the contest has changed over the years from Christmas in Zanesville to a snowman theme, as long as it’s about Christmas children can submit their artwork to be judged. Wal-Mart generously sponsors the contest so gift bags can be put together for the winners.

"Most of the kids are really grateful because they don’t really know what they’re getting and every year it’s different. One year we did baskets and we wrapped the baskets up, this year we did gift bags because we put more stuff in them than what we had and plus we added gift card, and there’s candy and there’s art supplies there’s all kinds of stuff in there," said Kirkbride.

2012 Winners

Reese Evanecky Bishop Fenwick Grade 1

Selah Murphy John McIntire Grade 2

Lexi Littick Bishop Fenwick Grade 2

Emily Joseph Bishop Fenwick Grade 3

Cloie Irvin Duncan Falls Grade 4

Greta Baughman Duncan Falls Grade 5

Savannah Shumway West Muskingum Grade 6