Christmas Rush at Riesbeck’s

by Katie McGraw on December 24, 2012 at 11:55 am

The most common, last minute shopping, especially on Christmas Eve is not for gifts but food and other items to create a holiday feast.

Many want their meal to be as fresh as possible so waiting until the last minute is the only option. Riesbeck’s was one local grocer that experienced a surge in shoppers.

 Rich Daugherty, the Store Director, said, "Today we have been really busy. A lot of last minute things, picking up the milk, the bread, fruit baskets, just basically everything for whatever they have planned for their holiday meal and everybody is in pretty good spirits. "

Riesbeck’s plan for all events is to make it as easy possible for customers. They have pre-ordering options for trays, party platters and made to go desserts.

"We have things to make it convenient, so you can just walk in, grab something that is quick for people pressed for time, we also have people to call in special orders, we make those up a head of time so they are just coming in and grab them, " said Daugherty.

Riesbeck’s closes at 6 tonight and will be closed for the Christmas holiday but will open their doors bright and early on Wednesday at 6 AM.