Commission Further Discusses Landuse Options

by Erika Brooks on December 6, 2012 at 6:29 am

Muskingum County officials continue to determine the best use of land resources.

The landuse planning commission has spent the last year looking at different land use issues in the county. Public forums were held and several service groups were presented with the plan so the commission could receive feedback on it. Thursday they "Some of the main points of the land use plan would be to foster cooperation between the city and county in terms of job creation and economic development. It’s also to look at some regulated corridors along the interstate," said Commission Member, Mark Mechling.

Discussions will continue between the planning commission and the commissioners as they attempt to come up with a final plan.

"These recommendations don’t have any teeth so what the commissioners do from this point, obviously be up to them and what they implement will be up to them as well as the planning commission would have some input," said Mechling.

The commissioners ultimately have the responsibility to adopt or reject the plan.