Nichole Hannahs

CORSA Celebrates Milestone

by Nichole Hannahs on December 3, 2012 at 11:40 am

A company that works closely with Muskingum County Commissioners across the state reaches a milestone.

CORSA, the County Risk Sharing Authority, is celebrating 25 years in service. Monday, they presented the Commissioners with a plaque honoring them for their commitment to the program.

The program is a self-insured pool for county government that deals with area unique to county government, such as law enforcement.

"We were in a hard insurance market some of our counties found it very difficult to find liability coverage and we actually have a few counties that went a year with no liability coverage because they couldn’t afford to pay the premium or they couldn’t find a carrier who would provide that for them," explained Marketing Manager Virginia Shrimplin.

CORSA started with just nine counties in its group that number has grown to 65. The programs offered through CORSA have also grown to include a human resources helpline.

"They can call these attorneys and ask questions pertaining to HR issues. It could be if they are getting ready to discipline someone. It might be that they are terminating someone and there are certain procedures that they have to follow so they can call these attorneys and they will help them through those steps," said Shrimplin.

CORSA said they will also be expanding lightning protection to the counties over the next year and providing more on-line training programs for law enforcement.