Couple Loving Life Despite Health Setbacks

by Erika Brooks on December 31, 2012 at 6:33 am

A husband and wife remain optimistic for their future despite recent health struggles.

Gwen and Jim Young have been married for 68 years, and it wasn’t until this past year when Gwen turned 90 and Jim turned 92, that they began to see decreases in their health. In February, Jim suffered a stroke that slightly paralyzed his right side and in October, Gwen discovered a vascular ulcer that would not heal in her leg and she had it amputated…but it hasn’t stopped them from living a normal life.

"I think I have left this place to go to parties, to go Fridays at the Legion, I have some wine all kinds of things. I leave every week."

The couple moved into Autumn Health Care in Somerset after Gwen lost her leg. The two have been receiving physical therapy treatments daily. Their therapists say the improvement is unlike anything they have ever

"Never gave up. I think that’s the key point here, they both didn’t give up, they both fought as hard as they could. They’re both doing great," said Daniel Kuntz, the couple’s Occupational Therapy Assistant.

Jim and Gwen will continue to receive physical therapy and soon enough, they will be able to return home.