Nichole Hannahs

Distribution Day for Salvation Army

by Nichole Hannahs on December 20, 2012 at 6:53 am

Thanks to the community and the Salvation Army many in our area will have a happy holiday.

Thursday, the Salvation Army held its annual distribution day. Over 1,200 families from Perry, Morgan and Muskingum Counties were helped this year. Starting at 9 a.m.. a continuous line of people filed in to pick up toys and food.

"There’s nothing anything more rewarding than seeing a child open a toy," said Captain Ralph Campbell. "We’ve had that here where they’ve done that and the expression on their face when they see the toys in the toy room. It’s just a feeling you can’t explain."

Captain Campbell said they started planning for the distribution day at the beginning of December and along with volunteers spent long hours setting up and taking part in the day.

"We have kids here that are helping. We have volunteers that just show up and say I want to help," said Captain Campbell. "We can’t do it without the volunteers. One of the things that we say is our volunteers are the army behind the Army because they are doing exactly what we should be doing for us."

The Salvation Army said that donations from the community help to make the day a success and even Thursday more food was coming in from those looking to help.