First Snow Brought out the Plows

by Katie McGraw on December 22, 2012 at 11:46 am

After Mother Nature’s first winter visit to Ohio, everyone was sent back into the reality of snow and the complications it can bring.

Plowing companies such as C.P. Lawn Care, were working around the clock to help clear the streets, driveways and parking lots for ohio drivers.

The owner of C.P. Lawn Care, Chad Parker said, "This was kind of an odd storm, it was kind of an all day 24 hour storm and it hit kind of at a bad time, right at rush hour in the morning. We were actually out from about 6 am and I didn’t get back to the shop till about 2 am last night. "

The key to removing snow efficiently and effectively according to Parker, is to pay attention to the weather forecast and get out to pretreat the roads 10-15 hours before the storm hits.

 "So if we pretreat as the snow falls, it doesn’t freeze to the ground, so that keeps it from bonding with the cement or blacktop. When we do have to come and plow we are able to scrape the entire piece of snow off instead of it having an ice layer underneath, " said Parker.

After a mild winter last year, this first storm reminded all drivers how much snow can effect a commute. All plow driver and O-DOT urge with future storms, to give yourself plenty of time to get from A to B.