Nichole Hannahs

Free Concert Planned

by Nichole Hannahs on December 6, 2012 at 6:33 am

A recording artist from Nashville has your soundtrack to the holiday season.

Jason Gray will perform a free concert at Secrest Auditorium where he’ll play music from his Christmas album. This is Gray’s first Christmas album. In keeping with the holiday spirit tickets to the show are free. However, organizers hope you’ll donate funds at the end of the show to support Christ’s Table.

"We’re going to take a free will offering on the way out the door, so if you feel like the concert was worth something to you and you want to help Christ’s Table they’ll be taking free will offerings at the exit," explained TicketCrush President Kyle McPeck. "Jason Gray is giving a percentage of his merchandise that night to Christ’s Table, so you can help in two different ways."

McPeck said his family has always been fond of the organization.

"My grandmother was involved at its inception so it’s always kind of had a special place in our hearts to help out,"said McPeck.

The free tickets can be picked up at TicketCrush at 1906 Maple Avenue, Secrest Auditorium or Christ’s Table. The concert at Secrest is Sunday at 7p.m.