Gas Prices Drop

by Katie McGraw on December 17, 2012 at 7:02 am

An early Christmas gift for all Ohio drivers is the price of gas. Throughout the month of December, the cost of gas is continuously on the decline, leaving motorists plenty to be happy about.

"I am actually loving it right now, I mean its definitely a lot easier to fill up my tank. It cost about thirty bucks to fill up my car compared to sixty,  that its been for the past couple of years," said Shawn Burleigh.

 The average cost of Gas in Ohio was $3.14 in Today’s Survey from Auto club AAA. That is twenty cents lower than a week ago and thirty five cents from last month at this time.

This is good news for drivers and business owners like Jim Pitcock, of Mother Tuckers on Sharon Ave. "It definitely gets more customers in the store and its not just Mother Tuckers, its all gas stations. Its good for business, its good for everything and you know maybe its a sign that the economy is starting to turn around. Maybe its a sign things are turning around for everybody, " said Pitcock.

Even better news, Today’s Survey suggests that gas prices will only continue to drop, thanks to lower demand and higher inventories.