Nichole Hannahs

Genesis Works Toward Medical Center

by Nichole Hannahs on December 4, 2012 at 6:40 am

Genesis Healthcare continues to move forward with plans for a new medical center in Zanesville.

The Healthcare System held a vendor and subcontractor fair to allow local workers to learn about the medical center construction and how they can become involved.

"This is the communities medical center," President, Genesis Healthcare. "We want the community to build our communities center as much as possible so that’s why we’re doing the vendor fair."

The blue print phase of the project is complete and now mock rooms are being built at a building on Coal Run Road. These rooms will feature real furniture and equipment that will be found in the emergency department rooms and others.

"Those are to let the staff and the physician work in them and make sure that we don’t make any mistake because if you are going to build 40 new ED rooms you don’t want to make any little mistakes or big mistakes," said Perry.

The new medical center on the Bethesda Campus includes a medical office building, cancer center, new patient addition and renovations to Bethesda. So far over $10m has been raised in the capital campaign. The project is estimated at $125m.