Holiday Shopping Picks Up

by Katie McGraw on December 10, 2012 at 6:52 am

With only fifteen days left until Christmas, crunch time for buying presents is upon us. The weekend before Christmas is notorious for being the busiest two days during the holiday season.

But Marketing Coordinator for the Colony Square Mall, Kevin Pinson, says the afternoon and evenings can be just as busy, "If you want to avoid the crowds, when we first open in the morning or closer to closing are the best times. We tend to be busiest weekday afternoons and evening and then weekends all day long. "

Bigger crowds are a positive sign and the numbers of shoppers the Colony Square Mall Sees is steadily improving each year. Pinson said, "Yeah, we’ve seen it slowly creeping up, its definitely not where it was in the 90’s of course, the economy is slow to recover but we are seeing positive signs, we’ve think its turned around. "

Pinson also urges shoppers to do their homework by checking a favorite store’s website for coupons or deals. Also, stick to your budget. The mall has extended hours that can be found on their website.