Leaf Collection for Zanesville

by Erika Brooks on December 12, 2012 at 6:32 am

The city of Zanesville is nearing the end of its annual leaf pick-up program.

Friday is the final day for leaf collection in the city and officials want to remind residents who still have leaves that need picked up, to rake them as near to the curb as they can without going into the road or blocking a storm sewer. They should then contact the street department so the workers can properly dispose of them.

"They’ve been through all the wards a couple times and they’re also randomly driving around looking but we don’t want to waste our time so if people have not seen the trucks and they do have leaves for pick-up just call that number and they’ll be sure to come get you," said Zanesville Public Service Director, Mike Sims.

Another thing to remember is to not park your vehicle in the way of the crew coming to collect the leaves.

"All they have is the vacuum machine and a hose and if they can’t reach at all, it’s not going to get done so they only have one truck running right now the rest of them they’ve pulled the equipment off and are attaching the snow blades in preparation for winter weather."

Any questions about leaf collection or to get your leaves picked up, contact the street department at (740) 455-0615