Library Helping Make Resolutions Happen

by Katie McGraw on December 31, 2012 at 6:30 am

With the new year right around the corner, many people have resolutions to go back to school, lose weight, or get a new job.

A good way to keep these promises to be educated on your resolution by using resources provided by one of Muskingum County’s six local public libraries.

"So a library card is really a great asset. Free of charge and a wonderful way to start the new year and address some of these resolutions whether it be to become healthier, manage finances, borrow movies for family movie night to have more quality time together, or develop new job skills for a new job or existing position. So its a great value," said Assistant Director, Blair Tom.  

You can apply for your library card online and use the library’s website to download books to your e-reader.

"You just go to the home page of the library and click on "Apply For Library Card". Its in the center of the page. There is a very simple form to complete. Takes a few days for us to process and we mail that to you. The first time you come in to the library to borrow materials, we would ask that you sign the registration card that we will have on file here. "

All you need to get a library card is proof of your current address.