Local Reps Attend Oil & Gas Expo

by Jennifer Bullock on December 10, 2012 at 6:33 am

Although the process has been slower than anticipated, oil and gas drilling is continuing to make progress in the state…

Earlier this month, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources said drilling in the state has not met initial expectations. Member Services Director Dana Matz said locally, members of the Zanesville-Muskingum County Chamber of Commerce, and the Port Authority, we prepared either way.

"As an organization, the Chamber, we positioned ourselves two ways going into this play. A) We needed to be ready if this was a big leasing area, or when it’s a big leasing area, and B) if it’s not a big leasing area, we need to be prepared to represent to the industry," said Matz.

Last week, local representatives attended the Ohio Oil and Gas Expo in Cleveland. Over 3,000 people gathered to learn more about the progress of the industry, and its slow but steady migration westward.

"We know in eastern Ohio, specifically Carroll County is the epicenter right now. That’s a little more of a wet gas play, where we’re more of an oil play in this area. So, excited about it. Most of the folks we’ve talked to, whether they’re geologists or field people, they’re saying ‘Hold on, it’s coming your way, be patient.’"

Matz said he and Port Authority Executive Director Mike Jacoby were able to reach out to vendors, in an attempt to attract more business to the area.