Maysville Teachers and Students Help Those In Need

by Erika Brooks on December 5, 2012 at 6:24 am

In an effort to support local families Maysville teachers took part in "No Shave November"…with a unique twist.

Under the Helping Hands program three teachers agreed they would participate as long as their students could raise two-hundred dollars in November. In December the teachers would shave their facial hair into something of the student’s choice. The teachers expected to only raise four to six hundred dollars so they were pleased when they ended up with almost 25-hundred, all of which will go to provide gifts for children within the Maysville school district.

"A variety of people will go out and start to do the shopping and adopt the kids and this is only a small portion of the money that will go toward the helping hands, there’s been a lot of other efforts outside of this to raise the funds," said Matt Canfield a Maysville High School Social Studies teacher.

High schoolers and middle schoolers took part in the fundraiser. The younger students held a big surprise for the teachers by showing they understood the message of helping others in need.

"They were pretty pumped. And I think genuinely wanted to help people so its was good to see," said Brandon German a Maysville Middle School STEM teacher.

The teachers will keep their new style throughout the rest of December..