George Hiotis

Ohio Expands Safety Training For Teachers

by George Hiotis on December 19, 2012 at 3:53 am

The State is expanding safety training for Ohio educators to reflect the reality that those inside a school are the first to face danger.  Attorney General Mike Dewine said Wednesday that nothing short of barricading every school in the country can stop something from happening, but officials have a moral obligation to take steps that will increase the odds of children surviving.  Dewine says the State Police Academy will train educators across the state in how to deal with an active shooter. The Attorney General said the school shootings in Connecticut has prompted officials to review school safety plans in Ohio.  He says while more than 1000 schools have submitted plans…about 145 have not.  That baffles state officials who says school safety plans and building diagrams are shared with first responders who may need them quickly one day.Dewine also said he would support allowing a trained school official access to a gun during the school day but such decisions should be up to each district.