Pets And The Holidays

by Katie McGraw on December 11, 2012 at 6:45 am

One of the best past times of the holidays is decorating your home with lights, trees, wreaths and other sparkling items.

These decorations give the season more excitement and make your home very pretty. But one thing for pet owners to remember, if you think it’s pretty, most likely your pet will agree but not in a way you appreciate.

Pets love to chew cords, eat plants as well as leftovers and may even try to climb your tree. John Murray, the executive director from the Animal Shelter of Muskingum County has some advice, "The best thing is keep your pet away from those kind of things or at the very least make sure you are supervising them. Don’t just put up your pretty christmas tree and turn your dog loose or your cat. "

The holidays are also a time many buy pets for family and friends. The best plan is to take your family member to the shelter or store to get their perspective on the pets they like and might want.

"The main thing is to do some planning ahead and kind of consider who you are getting the gift for, just like any other Christmas gift, consider who are getting the gift for what they like and what will work for them," said Murray.

The Animal Shelter also offers gift certificates so the person you are buying for can come and pick out their own pet.