Plow Drivers Battle Winter

by Erika Brooks on December 27, 2012 at 6:19 am

When winter storms hit it’s up to a certain group to head out and battle the flurries.

Snow plow drivers are seeing an already busy start to the winter storm season with two snow storms in the last week. Despite the snow, most businesses stay open and that’s where drivers step in to clear roadways and parking lots. 

"I prefer it to hit in the evening and then stop that way we can usually go out through the night and there’s not a lot of traffic and people in parking lots, so yesterday was a challenge we were out there a lot longer than we typically would be," said Plow Driver, Ryan Schmidt.

Schmidt and his crew were out nearly twelve hours non-stop during yesterday’s storm. The long hours are not the only challenge there is when it comes to plowing drives and parking lots.

"Especially during the day, when people are still out you almost have to wait for them to get out of your way and keep drive lanes open and sidewalks cleaned off, so people don’t slip and fall," said Schmidt.

Schmidt says the biggest challenge of all is making everybody happy as they try to clear roads and driveways.