Preparing for Winter Storm

by Katie McGraw on December 25, 2012 at 5:29 am

Meteorologist’s have been forecasting the next winter storm for several days.

As a strong low pressure trucks it’s way northeast, multiple forms of precipitation will effect our area on Wednesday. With predictions for heavy snow and accumulations of three to seven inches, many prepared for the storm prior to the Christmas holiday.

Reisbeck’s Store Director, Rich Daugherty said, "When the weather is going to start turning bad, so some of the customers are not only getting their holiday items but they are picking up sidewalk salt to be prepared. Some extra can goods, extra milk, just in case something would happen in the down time with the holiday, so they will be ready to ride the storm out for a couple of days if they need to."

After such a calm winter last year, last week’s first winter storm shocked everyone back to the reality of the hardships of winter. Some needed to restock their winter weather gear in order to deal with snow covered cars and sidewalks.

"We have numerous weights of sidewalk salt, shovels, windshield scrapers, just about everything you would need to take care of your sidewalk. EDIT I think once people wake up and of course like I said with Christmas falling where it does, we may wake up after Christmas to a blizzard and hopefully everyone is prepared for it," said Daugherty.

All should be aware and cautious of the storm headed towards us tomorrow. Stay tuned with WHIZ for the latest storm team updates.