Salvation Army Asking for Donations

by Erika Brooks on December 14, 2012 at 6:27 am

With only one weekend left to donate, the Salvation Army is sending out a plea for toys.

The final day to donate items to the Salvation Army is Monday, December 17th and although they received a large donation from Avon today, they are still in need of clothing and toys for their toy room.

"Toys are kind of coming in but we probably are about 450 that still need to come in, I know there’s a last few days of shopping, there’s good sales this weekend so we’re hoping that will pick us up, we still need that help," said Major Diane Campbell of the Salvation Army.

They are in desperate need of boys and girls clothes from size five to fourteen. Besides clothes and toys, the Salvation Army is providing 1,500 food baskets to families and still need 130 turkeys. Volunteers are also needed to help pack and distribute the baskets next week.

"I’ll need a lot of young muscle, if they want to come out even for a couple hours, get some of those baskets ready and help us sort out some of the toys for the families on Thursday and also on Thursday we need some young blood in the afternoon to carry some boxes and that for the families."

Monetary donations are also accepted. Anyone with questions, can call the Salvation Army (740) 452-8350