Salvation Army’s Emergency Shelter

by Katie McGraw on December 25, 2012 at 5:04 am

It’s no secret the economy of the past few years have hit many Americans hard. For those dealing with financial problems, the holidays can make those hardships even more evident.

Numerous Zanesville organizations have done their best to help those in need this Christmas season. With presents for children, basic needs for seniors, and in severe cases provided shelter for the homeless. The Salvation Army’s Emergency Shelter is a year round establishment but on Christmas, individuals staying at the shelter come together and help one another get by.

John Weaver, a resident at the Emergency Shelter said, "Its a nice place. Its a nice bunch of people in here, I mean the comradery is great. Everybody that is in here just gets along,  it’s just like family, you know, it’s the family away from family. "

For those who work at the shelter, the experience is very rewarding when they get to see people down on their luck get back up on their feet. According to Terina Saxton, a shelter aid, the vibe at the shelter makes it feel like the holidays year round.

"I would say the Christmas spirit is here everyday of the year, because that’s what its about. I mean, we bring them in, we love them until they can love themselves. It’s just indescribable, it really is, I mean to watch them come in and they are so beaten down and then, you know, they get their lives back together. That’s awesome, " said Saxton.

She urges if anyone can provide help to the Salvation Army, they are in desperate need of funds to keep the shelter open. Also, if you are in need of Emergency Shelter, information can be found at the Salvation’s website or Facebook page. The shelter provides three meals and bed for up to 90 days.