Santa for Seniors Success

by Katie McGraw on December 12, 2012 at 6:32 am

Many participated in the ‘Be Santa for a Senior Program’ during November and the beginning of December and their efforts have paid off.

Home Instead and the Center for Seniors in Muskingum County Have teamed up to bring the local homebound seniors gifts for Christmas

Sharon Wise, the Office Administrator for Home Instead said, "Well home instead has done this in Muskingum County for the past two years and how we got involved was through our local Senior Center and we had a tree at walgreens and we have the bulbs on as we get the names and its been a real cooperative effort between them. "

The trees came down December 7th but that was just the beginning. The gifts are now being wrapped and organized by the Center for Seniors and Home Instead. The amount of gifts was noteworthy as well as the generosity of the community. Debi Smith, the Services Director at the Center for Seniors said, "I feel its truly amazing how generous our community is, I think our community is one of the best there is in terms of helping those in need. "

The team collected the gifts from Walgreens by the cart full and will help over 200 seniors in need in Muskingum County as well as 150 more in Licking County. Present will be delivered to them December 21st.