Snowflakes for Sandy Hook

by Erika Brooks on December 27, 2012 at 6:21 am

Children in Zanesville are reaching out to help those affected by the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary.

The Zanesville Civic League Community Center had an opportunity for children and adults to create snowflakes for the Connecticut elementary students. The idea came after a call was sent out from Sandy Hook to give their students a winter wonderland at their new school.

"They want to decorate the halls and make them cheerful and pretty for the students. Something happy for them to come back to school to," said Program Director, Kim Matthews.

Despite the sadness of the shooting, Matthews knew her students in the after school program would be more than happy to help in order to give those students something to look forward to when they return to school after the holidays.

"Usually my students want to be a part of any type of giving they can. Whenever we do something for Christ’s Table they just love it and they always tell me it makes them feel so good so I’m proud of them because it makes them feel good to do stuff like that," said Matthews.

Matthews said a goal was to make 25 to 50 snowflakes. She will send the package of snowflakes early next week to Newtown.