Nichole Hannahs

The Play for Utica Shale

by Nichole Hannahs on December 11, 2012 at 6:35 am

The eastern part of our state is seeing an increase in oil and gas drilling as part of the Utica Shale Play.

Official said it’s hard to tell when we’ll see drilling and only the geologists know for sure what lies under the surface. Tuesday, the Port Authority Executive Director Mike Jacoby said that to market our area we have to talk about what we have to offer.

"We are having to talk about some of the things that we have that these more rural counties don’t have," said Jacoby. "We’re talking about logistics, we’re talking about interstates. We’re talking about the airport, they are talking about the rail transfer station, we’re talking about the population base and all the amenities."

The Port Authority hasn’t stopped seeking other economic development areas like distribution centers.

"We still think that we have opportunities for that. I still think that we have some manufacturing opportunities here in Muskingum County and natural gas is just one of those targeted industries that we’re working on," said Jacoby.

Jacoby said that he expects to see more drilling in our area in the next few years.