Twelve Foot Snowman

by Katie McGraw on December 31, 2012 at 6:38 am

After several inches of snow has fallen in Zanesville and surrounding areas, the weather has caused traffic delays, car accidents and business cancelations but it also provides entertainment for those who like to bundle up in snow gear and play in the winter wonderland.

For the Miller Family, the snow brought an opportunity to build a snowman in the front yard, but this isn’t your average snowman. It stands more than 12 feet tall!

Landon Miller, one of the builders of the snowman said, "The buttons on it are 2.5 inch PVC pipe that are stuck in there, I don’t know, about 6 inches." For the hat,  "That’s a 5 gallon bucket painted and put a nice little piece of foam around it." And for the scarf,  "We went in and got a bed sheet and we twirled it up and put it out around there."

A spur of the moment decision made by Landon’s father took about four hours to create.

"The big ball, we used the skid steer and we just piled a bunch of snow. you can see in the yard how it is all torn down. And so we flattened it out and rounded it off and the top two we rolled around the yard and it took about four people to roll the middle one, " said Miller.

As for the bottom of the snowman, the family packed the snow into a pyramid shape and then cut away with shovels to form the base. The Miller family doesn’t expect this snowman to melt anytime soon.