Working Firefighters on Christmas

by Katie McGraw on December 25, 2012 at 5:17 am

While the majority of working people get time off for the holidays to spend time with families or to travel, some jobs do not have that luxury.

For example, nurses, doctors, police and firefighters need to be at work to ensure the safety of the public. For the Zanesville Fire Department, they celebrate the holiday with their second family.

Lieutenant Doug Hobson, of Zanesville Fire Department explained, "So all of us will have Christmas dinner here. Big meal planned- corn, green beans, all the fixons. It’s kind of different being here. This is kind of our second family, we live with these guys a third of the year. "

According to Hobson, holiday fires are not as common as many think, due to the transition from real to artificial trees, but after the fire that occurred on Christmas Eve on Ohio Street, ZFD’s firefighters know how important it is they are prepared in case a fire does erupt

"We do everything we can, these guys-snap of hat, just go like crazy to make sure everything is put out. Were firefighters, that’s what we live for.  But hopefully the town is safe today, no fires, no wreaks, no ems calls," said Hobson.

ZFD urges all to be safe. Be aware of dry trees, stoves and keep candles away from pets and kids where they can easily be knocked over.