Nichole Hannahs

AT&T Foundation to Help School Program

by Nichole Hannahs on January 28, 2013 at 6:33 am

More money is coming to a program that helps high school students gain college credit.

Monday, the AT&T Foundation presented the Rural Ohio College High School program with $40,000. The program run by Crooksville, Morgan and New Lexington High Schools is new to the districts this year.

Unlike the post-secondary option offered at some schools this allows the students to stay in the own buildings, get college credit and still be apart of the high school experience.

"To me that gives them the opportunity to move forward and say I can do this. I can go to that next step and go on to a four year institution and take additional classes," said Crooksville Superintendent Kyle Newton.

Students are groomed for the program starting in seventh grade up until sophomore year take accelerated classes in order to take college classes their junior and senior years. This year students at New Lex, Morgan, Crooksville took part in physics and this semester they join Maysville in taking a composition class.

"It was kind of weird because it didn’t feel like they could interact with us or see us or anything like that, but we got used to it and it was just like they were part of our classroom," said students Clay Northrup and Erik Schilling.

The ROCHS program will use the $40,000 to educate other school districts about the program and how they can get their schools involved. Newton said his goal is to offer at least 6 college classes next year and get to the point where students in high school can graduate and be juniors in college. The program is free.