Big Brothers Big Sisters Kickoff Event

by Katie McGraw on January 30, 2013 at 11:22 am

Big Brothers, Big Sisters largest fundraising event is still a few months away but it is not too early to prepare for the annual Bowl for Kids Sake.

This year, the mentoring program is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary of the bowling event. In order to organize, the program is having two kickoff events. The first is on February 5th at Bryan Place at 5:30 PM and February 11th in Cambridge also at 5:30.

"The reason for the kickoff event is to invite people to come and learn more about the event, how to organize a team, what kind of tools we can give them to help raise the money for their bowling teams, where the money goes and just any ideas and questions they have regarding the event, " said Executive Director Mollie Crooks. 

Crooks’ hope is people will start to build their teams and find sponsors because this is the most important event for fundraising.  

"This event is very successful and its very important to our budget, basically its about 40% of the budget and over the last few years it has raised between 80 and 90,000 dollars. So it is a very significant event and the beauty of it is anybody can get involved. "

The other benefit is the money raised all goes to supporting local kids and Crooks wants to thank all involved for helping the most critical event for the agency.