Canal Leak Update

by Erika Brooks on January 17, 2013 at 6:22 am

There is good news to report on the canal leak in Zanesv ille.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources was able to get the upper gates totally shut and sealed which will keep the river water out of the canal and ODNR can now concentrate on where the leak is.

"They’re actually able to see it now as the water level is going down. They’ve put some sealer in to see if it’s working it’s way through so basically it’s all concentrating down at the leak itself to try to figure out what it is and how to fix it," said Emergency Management Director, Bo Keck.

There is no longer a worry of a washout as there was when the leak was first discovered. ODNR will continue to work on finding a cause for the leak, but there is no set date on when it will be fixed.

"Everyday its being looked at, something a little different is done everyday until again they actually figure out what the problem is there’s no timeline, so we really don’t know whether it’s going to take a couple weeks, or a couple months or how long it’s going to take to actually get it fixed and then open the canal back up," said Keck.

Keck says a canal leak is not common but he thinks this one occurred due to the old buildings near the canal slowly deteriorating.